This 8-Person Hibachi Table Grill Turns Your Backyard Into a Benihana

After dinner, it converts to a fire pit.

by Dave Baldwin
jag grills

If there’s one downside to grilling ⏤ and that’s a big ‘if’ ⏤ it’s that whoever tends the coals often misses out on the conversation. Maybe a buddy steps out with a beer to check in, but rarely does the party circle around a flaming hot grill. The folks at Dallas-based JAG Grills think it should. Which is why they built the JAG Eight, a 3-in-1 Hibachi grill, table, and fire pit combo with enough room for everybody to sit around comfortably and cook their own damn meat.

Almost like putting a Benihana in the backyard, but without the chef flipping rice into Junior’s mouth, the JAG Eight is a 7.5 x 4-feet octagonal wood table with a charcoal grill set into the middle. Each seat gets a removable section of the table (in case kids/guests would rather stand) and a personal, stainless-steel grill rack upon which to work their BBQ magic. The center is covered by a domed cage to keep the fire contained. Drop a giant griddle on it and you’ve got a legit teppanyaki; take the dome off after dinner and everybody can roast S’mores over the elevated fire pit.

The JAG Eight rocks adjustable legs if the backyard is rocky and a side door for easy cleaning. It takes about an hour to 90 minutes to assemble and, since each section of the table is removable, it easily breaks down for winter storage. Although at more than 175 pounds, it’s not light. Also, not cheap. The table runs $2,500 and the cover costs an extra $100.

If eight is two seats too many, JAG also sells a six-person model. It comes sans dome with a removable flat grill in the center, but is otherwise pretty much the same ⏤ just smaller and cheaper. As in $800 cheaper (those are two expensive seats). The six-person table is currently only available for pre-order with a $600 deposit but the Eight ships out in three to five business days ⏤ so, just in time for your big 4th of July Modpool party.

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