Jack Is A Bluetooth Adapter That Makes Any Pair of Headphones Wireless

All you do is plug 'em in.

by Dave Baldwin
podo labs jack

Regardless of whether you’re letting the baby cry it out or just trying to get that dad bod under control at the gym, you’re probably going to want/need a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Just a hunch. But before you run out to replace your current “perfectly fine but wired” earbuds with some new expensive wireless headphones set, check out Podo Lab’s Jack. It’s a simple $29 Bluetooth adapter that breathes new life into old headphones by magically making them wireless.

Podo Labs’ Jack is a seriously small clip-on device that resembles an older model iPod Nano and wirelessly syncs your headphones to your phone, stereo, Alexa, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. All you do is plug in the in-line remote and enjoy the sweet high-def sounds of something other than VeggieTales. It runs for 12 hours on a single Mirco-USB charge and works with any existing pair of headphones. Cooler still, it works with more than just headphones. You can plug Podo Labs’ Jack into a speaker, an’04 Dodge Neon, or if you buy 2, your TV. Hell, you and your wife can even sync headphones so you can both lie in bed not listening to your baby cry in the corner.

The Jack will eventually retail for $40 but is currently available on Kickstarter (where it’s drawing crazy money, btw: $600k on a $20k goal) for $29. You can also buy a buddy pack with two Podo Labs’ Jacks for $49 or bundle it with a carrying case and pair of “premium” wired earbuds. The only catch is that, much like your time at the gym these days, you’re on the clock — the Kickstarter ends Saturday, February 25th.

(Pre-order for June 2017)

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