The ION Audio Pathfinder Is A Rugged Bluetooth Speaker That Can Weather A Thunderstorm

Just leave it out there, no biggie.

by Liz Newman
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ion audio pathfinder speaker

Nothing kills a backyard bash ⏤ be it a birthday party for your 2-year-old or an annual Bastille Day BBQ ⏤ like a wimpy pair of speakers plugged into an old iPod. Except maybe a thunderstorm. Queue up your Kidz Bop on this high-powered waterproof speaker, however, and you can mingle confidently knowing that neither of those things are going to ruin your festivities.

Honestly, the Bluetooth-enabled ION Audio Pathfinder looks like it could survive a trip over a cliff. It might technically be a Pathfinder, but it’s built Ford tough. As in, you could leave it out in the rain and not worry at all. Although with a telescoping handle, wheels, and a side carrying handle, there’s really no reason to leave it out; the ION Audio Patherfinder is too easy to take with you. In fact, the battery can run over 75 hours on a single charge, so it’s perfect for that big family car-camping weekend. Plus, there’s a built-in AM/FM radio if you want to force the kids to listen to This American Life while sitting around the campfire.

The ION Audio Patherfinder comes equipped with cup holders and integrated USB charging ports. And to take the party up a notch, there are also LEDs and a microphone that transform the unit into a mini-Karaoke club. The 100-watt Pathfinder is sold in a variety of festive colors and is available online ⏤ rain or shine ⏤ for $180.

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