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Never Panic About Leaving The Stove On Again With These Smart Knobs

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If you had a nickel for every time you’ve gotten distracted by a crying kid and left food cooking on the stove, you’d have … well, enough money to replace all that burnt cookware with a really nice set. It’s easy to do. And, obviously, crazy dangerous. Thanks to these new smart stove knobs from a neurosurgeon in North Carolina, however, it’s also now entirely preventable.

Inirv React is a set of retrofit motorized knobs that fit on most existing gas and electric ranges and turn the burners off at the first sign of trouble. How does it know there’s trouble, you ask skeptically? Easy, because you mounted the accompanying Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled sensor to the ceiling above the stove. And inside, there’s a smoke, gas, and motion detector. If you suddenly find yourself changing a diaper in the nursery and your grilled cheese goes up in flames, the sensor detects burnt toast (it glows blue for normal, red for trouble) and instructs the knobs to shut the operation down. Lunch saved! Almost.

Not only that, but the knobs also have slick touch-sensor timers built in that can be set if you plan to move about the house while your chili simmers. If the pot remains untouched (or the ceiling sensor doesn’t detect motion in the kitchen) after the timer expires, consider that burner cut off. All of it, of course, can also be controlled using the smartphone app (don’t act surprised), which means you can turn your stove on and off and even adjust the burner temp from pretty much anywhere. No more driving 2 miles down the road and wondering if you left the stove on. Now you know. The iron, however, may still be plugged in.

Inirv React Smart Stove Knobs

Couple of final details: It only works for the range, not the oven; the app includes a child safety lock so those burner knobs aren’t budging no matter how hard Junior turns; and the whole kit, which is currently available for pre-order, includes 4 knobs and the sensor in either white or black, like the bottom of all the pots you keep burning.
(Pre-order for December 2017)

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