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Ikos Building Toys Are Plastic Puzzle Pieces That Let Your Kid Make 3D Art

Wooden blocks. Lincoln Logs. Tinker Toys. Connectagons. Legos. Cardboard boxes … the world is in no danger of a construction toy shortage these days. If you’re going to add yet another plaything for Junior to hone his architectural acumen, you should be eying this new spin on a classic concept. And it teaches them some STEAM skills (so hot right now).

Named after the 20-sided geometric shape, which you probably know as an icosahedron, Ikos is like a modular, three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. It’s comprised of 26 identical recycled plastic pieces that snap together to form a perfect sphere. But, since nobody wants to build a ball over and over, Ikos also interlock in endless combinations of designs so kids (ages 6+) can get creative and make 3D “art.” In the process they’ll purportedly learn about spatial relations, problem-solving, and what the hell an icosahedron is.

Ikos 3D Building Toys
Ikos come in one of 7 colors — although your kids can also paint them to create their own 3D puzzle. You can get a box of 26 pieces (a single sphere) or in a giant 400-count Rubbermaid bin. Hey, Frank Gehry, Bilboa has nothing on what this kid just did in the living room.

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