The IKEA Sladda Is A Commuting Bike For Families Who Ride

You bet your meatballs you have to assemble it

by Dave Baldwin
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ikea sladda bike

Your favorite Swedish purveyor of meatballs and mod furniture, IKEA, now sells an aesthetically pleasing bicycle, as well. Naturally. And yes, you absolutely have to put it together — with an Allen wrench. Would IKEA have it any other way?

The Sladda is a sleek, low-maintenance 2-wheeler aimed at urban commuters and people who don’t have time to take care of bikes — so, obviously, parents. It boasts a lightweight, rustproof aluminum frame (26- or 28-inches, small enough if you want a matching ride for your 12-year-old) and rocks a chainless/no-grease belt train that’s designed to take you 9,000 miles before needing replacement. It also has automatic gears that do all the shifting — you just select “high” or “low.”

Because you’ll need a place to put all those meatballs, not to mention kids, groceries, and your finest business attire, the Sladda is equipped with an easy to use ‘click system’ to attach accessories; right now they’re selling both front and rear racks ($25 – $35), as well as a 58-inch by 30-inch trailer for $169. Bicycle moving side business, here you come.

You probably won’t have the bike that long, but you do get a crazy 25-year warranty on the frame and 10-year guarantee on the belt drive. And, if you’re an IKEA family member, not only will you save a $100 on the bike but you’ll also save money on the accessories. And, probably, on all the meatballs you can eat.

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