How to Put a Big Red Ribbon on a Used Car

If somebody receives a car as a gift but there's no bow on it, did they really get the car?


Much like proposing without getting down on one knee, giving somebody a new car for Christmas without tying an obnoxious giant ribbon around it feels like an incomplete gesture. Granted, nobody staring at a car in their driveway on Christmas morning gives much of a crap about the bow, but it’s a thing, right? Ribbons are even more of a thing — for smart financial planners, anyway — than Christmas cars. So, if you’re going to do it, really do it. Tie a bow just like in the commercials. Get festive.

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Here’s the simple truth: you tie a car ribbon the same way you tie a vacuum cleaner ribbon — if you ever make the mistake of giving somebody a vacuum. You buy a bow and slap it on the windshield. There are plenty of car bows available in stores and online (a weird number actually) and they range in price from $9 for a basic 18-inch bow from Michaels, which is totally inadequate for the job at hand, up to $80 for a massive red-velvet-and-gold-trimmed bow. It’s actually quite impressive. There are also plenty in the $30 range which ⏤ considering you just dropped thousands on the car itself ⏤ doesn’t seem like a stretch.


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That said, if you’re the kind of gifter who appreciates saving money and/or crafting, there’s no shortage of how-to videos online that will walk you through making your own bow. In the interest of saving you time, we did a hard-target search and found TruCar’s simple paper bow to be pretty much the easiest of the DIY group. All you need is a few sheets of red poster board and some scissors and glue. You can follow along below. Also, congrats again on being able to buy somebody a car as a gift in the first place. That’s a pretty significant life accomplishment. Good for you.

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