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Here’s the Best Huckberry Gear Under $75 That You Can Still Get in Time for Christmas

Even though you waited until the last minute, we bailed you out.

Here you are again. Even though holiday shopping seems to start earlier and earlier every year and there were warnings about the supply chain shortages you’ve waited until the 11th hour to finish shopping. Luckily, sites like Huckberry bail you out with fast shipping and a curated list of coveted gifts. We combed through the best items under $75 for under the tree, Secret Santa, or to stuff in a stocking. Get moving though if you want to get it before Christmas Day.

This 10-inch frying pan develops a non-stick patina over time, will outlast the person you're gifting it to, and cooks like cast iron — but without the heft. This carbon steel pan will take care of pancakes in the morning and sear steaks for dinner.

If there is a better way to spend an audio-only Zoom, we haven't found it. Easy to load and shoot, this hard maple and walnut gun fires six rubber bands in succession, launching them up to 20 feet away.

Chances are you'll never use the lock picking skills this fun toy will teach you, but that doesn't mean you can brag about being able to do it. The clear acrylic lock body helps you better understand how each of the five included tools manipulates the pins. There's also a key so it works like a regular lock too.

Not all cotton is made the same. The Supima variety in this comfortable thin sweater is 35 percent stronger than the standard-issue sort. But all you'll care about is the smoother and softer feel, in classic colors that you can dress up or down

A beanie might not warrant gasps of excitement when opened, but this United By Blue sports two colors for extra utility. And it's got some street cred — it's made with 100 percent recycled polyester yanked out of the ocean. Trust us, the person getting this will wear it all winter.

If John Dutton coveted modern design, this is the 12-ounce mug he'd use. Handmade from Japanese ceramic, then finished in a black, matte glaze and rich walnut handle for a clean look.

Instead of reinventing the wheel by adding tools you won't use, Leatherman's engineers made an already bulletproof build easier to open. A magnetic locking system makes deploying the knife, scissors, bottle opener, or any of four screwdrivers a one-handed task.

Here's everything required to make 1 gallon of craft-brewed pale ale at home in about six weeks. Consider it a trial to see if you want to take the hobby to the next level — and if you do, you can still use this kit's bottle capper and plastic, tapped jug.

Made mostly from polyester with just enough elastane to help with stretch, this technical t-shirt will keep up with whatever you're into. From the gym to traveling, the soft, quick-drying fabric has an anti-odor treatment and is as easy to care for as a cotton shirt.

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