This Keyboard App Guarantees You’ll Always Have A Dad Joke At Your Fingertips

Your dad jokes are about to get a whole lot better. Or worse (so better).

by Steve Schiff
Hemingboard Keyboard App Generates Puns

One of the many benefits of fatherhood is that your terrible dad jokes go from roundly mocked to … tolerated. Sure, you’re still the only one who appreciates them, but you no longer have to worry that you might have a weird German medical condition. You also benefit from becoming a father at this particular moment in time, when everything is automated — including dad jokes. Yes, meet Hemingboard, a pun-, rhyme-, and synonym-generating smartphone keyboard that ensures you’ll never be without a pun-ch line again. Gentlemen, it’s time to unleash the wisekraken.


Never has it been this easy to delight (or disgust) your family and friends. Once installed, all you have to do is type a word, then tap the Heminboard icon to cycle through rhymes, synonyms, and puns for or incorporating that word. Your bedtime stories and lullabyes just got a whole lot more interesting.


Adding this pun-believable app to your phone is what you’d call a major keys alert. And that pun right there is what you’d call bonus points for stealing a reference from your kids that’s guaranteed to horrify them even more than usual. You may not have the Jedi-like skills of Dad Joke Han Solo — still a Wookiee in the pun game — but with a little help from Hemingboard, you’ll soon be ready to step into the Punderdome.

Hemingboard: $2.99 (iOS)