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These Heated Seat Cushions Are Your Ticket to Warmbuttsville

Easy to carry and simple to use, these cushions keep your head in the game

For sports fans, fall is the most glorious time of the year. The NFL is underway, MLB’s getting into playoff mode, and soon, the NHL will be dropping pucks. But for parents, it means schools are back in session and you’ll be watching them play games from the bleachers in increasingly chilly weather. That’s why you need a heated seat cushion. Those bleachers are made out of aluminum, one of the best conductors of energy out there. The seat you’re on is actively working against your butt to yank heat out, making you feel colder, faster. Metal is more efficient than plastic stadium seats in that way. But you don’t have to watch your kid from the parking lot with binoculars. Heated seat cushions can help keep you comfortable and make sure your head’s in the game. Just know, most stadiums won’t let these in and it’s probably not the best for tailgating.

Best heated seat cushion for runtime

Fully charged, the 16x14-inch seat cranks at 130 degrees for about 2 hours when set to high. You get medium and low heat too, which means you can eke out about 5 hours at a still toasty 105 degrees. The 2 1/2-inch thick foam cushion is wrapped in a water-resistant shell so morning dew on the bleachers won't be a problem. The power bank is removable so you can always use it to keep your phone charged, via a USB, on the go and it's under the TSA limit for a carry-on bag.

Best heated seat cushion for outdoorsy families

The Coleman’s removable rechargeable OneSource battery powers the seat, and a bunch of other outdoor gear like sleeping bags, folding chairs, and blankets. It reaches temperatures ranging from 113 degrees, for about 3 hours, to a high of 133 degrees for about half as long. If you stock up on extra batteries you can daisy chain two of them together to double your runtime (or charge your phone while powering the seat). If you need back support while sitting, this is the chair for you. A pair of hooks hold the seat tight by gripping the underside of the bleacher.

Best heated seat cushion that doesn’t need a battery

Yes, it looks like a whoopee cushion, but this no-fuss seat warmer is the easiest to use. There is no battery to remember to charge. Instead, the 17-inch diameter seat is filled with closed-cell foam — similar to what keeps houses warm — to create a waterproof barrier between you and the seat. It doesn't make heat, but it prevents your body heat from escaping. Hunters use it outdoors to sit in the snow for hours, so your kid's game should be a snap.

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