Haul Your Kids Like A Dutchman With These Cargo Bikes And Seats

Do your part to reduce traffic, air pollution, and middle-aged guys in spandex.

by Amos Kwon
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Carting kids by bike is a way of life in Holland, where more than 50 percent of the population in some cities use bikes as their primary means of transportation. Not incidentally, they’ve learned to build bikes and seats for tiny people that are safe, comfortable, and easy to ride. Not everything on this list is from the Netherlands, but they all draw from ideas originating there, and they’re all well reviewed by people who specialize in this sort of thing, like the bike-mad folks over at Two Wheeling Tots. So strap Junior in and do your part to reduce traffic, air pollution, and incidents like this (although hopefully not videos of incidents like that because, seriously, the payoff in that one is priceless).

TrioBike Mono

TrioBike bills itself as the world’s safest cargo bike, which is reassuring considering the race-ready componentry might have you daydreaming of yellow jerseys when you should be out for a leisurely jaunt around the block. The cargo box accommodates 2 kids up to 9 years old and gives them unobstructed views of the road while you burn up your quads on the Tour de Dad. Just try to leave the spandex at home.

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Babboe City

Babboe is the next logical step in Dutch locomotive evolution, from wooden shoes to wooden cargo baskets on bicycles. The low-slung, German beechwood basket paired with 2 wheels makes for optimal control and maneuverability, even if it’s loaded to the max with 2 toddlers and a rear-facing baby seat (or a whole crapload of groceries).

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Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

There are faster cargo bikes, but none with as much toughness, carrying versatility, or a name as fun to say as the Yuba Mundo. The bamboo-decked rear rack is comfortable for young riders to straddle at slow speeds, or you can easily strap a seat to the frame. With an upper weight limit of 440 pounds of rear cargo, plus the rider, this workhorse is halfway to being an actual horse.

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Xtracycle EdgeRunner 10E

Pedaling uphill into a headwind is hell on the legs, and sometimes you need a little extra juice to get over the top — just ask Lance Armstrong. With a Bosch Performance line motor, you’ll get a superhuman boost over those tough hills that’s actually legal. You haven’t felt this much power between your legs since you borrowed your buddy’s moped in high school.

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Weehoo iGo Turbo Bicycle Trailer

A trailer shouldn’t force your kid to ride in a rolling circus tent with a one-way view of your ass. With the Weehoo Turbo, they can feel the wind in their face and actively participate in the ride if they want. The comfy padded seat is adjustable for ages 2-9 (up to 80 pounds) and features cool handgrips for security, leverage, or playing fighter pilot while you shout, “Talk to me, Goose!”

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Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat

A rear-mounted seat makes your bike a little harder to control but prevents your kid from taking bugs to the face or having to act as a human shield in the event of a forward collision. The Caress offers excellent side protection, one-hand adjustable footrests, shoulder padding in the harness, and an adjustable back so your kid can recline and relax at any age. You? You don’t get to relax.

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Thule RideAlong Mini Bike Seat

A front-mounted seat might take some getting used to, but as long as you’re not toting Kareem to the park you’ll actually have better control over your bike. The universal quick-release bracket accommodates both normal and ahead stems and attaches and detaches easily, so you can stay super close when you ride and have some great conversations, one-sided though they may be.

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Yepp Maxi Easyfit

If your bike frame doesn’t have eyelets for direct installation, you’ll need a rear rack for mounting. It’s worth it, though; a more stable base can handle more weight (48 pounds) than a typical frame-­mounted seat. Your growing kid will take comfort from the insulated, waterproof rubber foam, while you’ll take comfort in the 5-point safety harness and adjustable protective footrests. Just don’t brake too hard if you bought them soft serve.

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