Hate Sippy Cups? These Silicone Lids Will Be Your Savior

The Silikids Siliskin Silicone Tops are stretchy lids that slide onto regular drinking vessels and seal them tight. The sippy cup solution really is as simple as that.

by Fatherly
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Every parent reaches that moment, the one where they throw up their hands and curse the name of whatever monster created the sippy cup. The kid cups serve a purpose, yes, but, man, can those squat plastic things break adults. They’re overly complicated. They’re a pain to clean. They spill. It’s leak-proof you say? Doesn’t matter. Your child will find some way to make whatever liquid they’re drinking come gushing out of the side every time they take a swig. The Silikids Siliskin Silicone Tops, however, are a different beast. Ridiculous name aside, these stretchy tops slide onto regular drinking vessels and seal them tight. The sippy cup solution really is as simple as that.

Siliskin tops come in packs of three. They’re made of 100 percent silicone and are available with either a spout-style lid or a straw-top. Thanks to the grippy silicone, the tops slide in easily but create a nearly air-tight seal that stays on when being slurped from and that’s tricky for little fingers to pry off (don’t kid yourself, they’ll get curious and try at some point). Yes, both variations have an opening, which means that if the entire cup goes flying, liquid will go flying too. But the side-seal is snug enough to prevent standard spills.

The lids are easy to hand wash (fewer nooks and crannies than a standard sippy cup) and are also dishwasher safe. In addition to serving as an alternative to the standard cup, the lids are also useful to have on hand for use when traveling and you need to transform a standard cup into a kid-friendly version.

Now, there are a few downsides. As one user pointed out to us, the lids don’t create handles, so if your kid isn’t able to grip a regular cup or glass yet, these aren’t the best idea. It’s also best to avoid attaching them to very full mugs, as the fiddling you’ll do to get them on tightly will cause whatever liquid is inside to slosh around and spill. Lastly, as a few users mentioned, you might tear them if you’re a bit overzealous. Yes, they’re durable and have a forgiving stretch, but if you hulk out when putting them on, they’ll rip. You just have to get the right feel for them.

All this aside, we’re big fans. The lids are affordable, durable, and save us from using and cleaning 1,000,000 sippy cups. At the very least, they’re excellent to pack when you’re traveling in case you find yourself lid-less. Lacking protection is never a smart idea.

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