The Gululu Smart Bottle Tracks How Much Water Your Kid Drinks

Chugging — so 20th century.

by Dave Baldwin
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Once upon a time adding colored, powdered sugar to get your kids to drink water — a building block of life — was justifiable. Now parents know that OJ is basically flat Sunkist, and Gatorade is a thirst quencher with 21 grams of sugar. Which is why the folks at Gululu have come up with a more fun way to keep kids hydrated, by turning it into a drinking game that’s as safe as milk — er, water.

This colorful vessel combines a “smart” water bottle and a Tamagochi-style virtual pet (that fortunately never gets thirsty). The Gululu works by calculating how much aqua your kid needs based on their age, weight, and location (people apparently get more parched in Arizona than Minnesota). Motion, level, and inclinometer sensors then measure the amount they’re knocking back during the course of the day, as well as whether they’re actually drinking it or just watering the lawn. It records all that info via Wi-Fi and posts it to the scoreboard in a free app. Assuming their friends also have $100 water bottles, let the Hydration Olympics begin!

To trick kids into carrying around the bottles and downing all that damn water, their Gululu pet (located on the outside of the bottle) grows, gains powers, and reaches new levels the more they consume. They can also interact with their new friends by touching the sensors (so many sensors) on the grippy outside. Shake, rub, or drop the bottle and these weird aqua pals laugh, jump, or complain about the lack of public restrooms. It comes with three detachable spouts for easy cleaning, uses a wireless charging station, and maintains a 2-3 day battery life. Pre-order now for October delivery. Until then, they’ll have to use a cup like their ancestors.

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