The Growler Chill Lets You Drink Draft Suds Without Hauling Your Baby To A Bar

Tap into the Growler Chill.

by Dave Baldwin
growler chill

Unless you secretly installed a Kegerator in the basement while you were nesting (you know, after you painted the nursery but before you assembled the crib), the odds are pretty good that you haven’t enjoyed a lot of craft beer on tap since becoming a parent. At least not without a baby strapped to your chest and the bartender asking if they eat beer nuts. That’s about to change, and you won’t even need to leave your house. The Growler Chill is a countertop beer tap system (dubbed a countertap, of course) that holds and dispenses three growlers of your favorite craft suds. Even better, it keeps the beer fresh for up to three weeks by storing it cold, dark, and, like your favorite Queen song, under pressure.

All you do is pop the “Magic Top” on the Growler Chill, attach it to the trademarked “Virginator,” and suck all of the oxygen out of the “Headspace” in a process that sounds way more erotic than that it is (which is, not at all). Once the air’s been removed, you simply flip the growler over and insert into the refrigerated Growler Chill. An internal C02 cartridge (or your own external C02 source plugged into a port on the back) ensures the brew stays properly pressurized.

As it is 2017, the Growler Chill also connects to a smartphone app! Where you can see which of your buddy’s homebrew is currently on tap and how much is left in each growler, as well as adjust the temperature. Not surprisingly, the Growler Chill has already obliterated its Kickstarter goal ($400k on a $175k ask, and counting) and will be pouring cold suds in man caves across America just in time for football season. Pre-order now, and you’ll never have to bring your baby back into Buffalo Wild Wings again.

(Pre-order for August 2017)

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