Bring Your Kid’s LEGO Creations To Life On The Cheap With These Motorized Bricks

What, how do you drive your LEGO cars? With your hands?

by Steve Schiff
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Lego is and may well forever be the King Of All Bricks, but their underlying patents of invention are so long-expired that even the imitators now have imitators. Such may be the case with GoBrix, which you’d be forgiven for mistaking for Brixo, the electronic, Bluetooth-activated Lego clones you just backed on Kickstarter.

In fact, GoBrix by ThinkGeek are pretty different. Yes, they’re also electronic and Lego-compatible, but they keep it simple: a tiny motor inside a brick, into which you can insert wheel axles, robot arms, or whatever you want to move, easily activated by a push-button remote. Yes, the remote is also Lego-compatible, so you could snap together a remote-control remote in what would be one of the more gratuitous dad jokes anyone could make using only Lego. GoBrix are also pretty damn inexpensive, so, yeah, point of differentiation there.

While GoBrix may lack the bells and whistles (or lights and motion control sensors, as it were) and Bluetooth connectivity of their competitors, remember, simplicity and easy, instant playability are sort of the hallmarks of Lego. Not to mention all of their imitators. Incidentally, most of those — K’nex, KRE-O, and Mega Blox — can also be used with GoBrix.

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