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Win the Holidays With the Best Gifts for the Whole Family

Is it a shortcut? Yes. But it's also a way to get meaningful group gifts for the families you love.

This holiday season, you could, of course, play Santa and load up on toys and gadgets for every family member of every family you love, spending hours figuring out who’d like what best. Or, you can keep it simple and opt for family gifts — presents that the whole family will like. After an exhaustive nonscientific analysis, we’ve determined that choosing the best family gifts saves you roughly 93 hours’ worth of stress — and makes everyone happy. These are the best gifts for the whole family.

The Best Family Gifts

You pick a letter that means something to you. And then, this 12 inch tall metal letter doubles as a wine cork holder. It's a great showpiece, and a fun way to keep your corks.

Everything you need to decorate the family snowman, from ears to antlers. All 26 of the decorating pieces are made of solid wood with wooden dowels on the back.

It's cold. The kids are bored. There's nothing left to stream. So...bust out a brick-built recreation of Jerry’s apartment. The set includes a microphone, pretzel, fishing rod, slice of bread and fish in a bag. Jerry's iconic home features a kitchen with a buildable counter, a fridge with a Superman sticker, plus a buildable stage. There's even a muffin top. Because of course there is.

The absolute coolest thing about this powerhouse speaker is that it can locate your iPhone. Wherever you last had it, in your home. You can blast holiday music in 360-degree audio, and use Siri to do your bidding.

For the foodie, or the wannabe foodie, or anyone who likes food: A gorgeous stunner of a spice rack, plus a collection of premium organic spices. Because everything tastes better with some premium sea salt.

The family that masks together ... enough said. This set includes four understated cotton twill and bull denim masks, with adjustable elastic ear loop straps, pull through loops to tighten, and an adjustable nose wire. They're neutral and comfortable.

You can make four batches of fortune cookies with this kit, which includes a reusable baking mat, 60 pre-written fortunes and blanks, and an edible ink pen. Just add: eggs, vanilla or almond extract and salt.

This frame seamlessly lets you upload, crop and showcase your pictures and 15 second video clips from your phone to the frame via the app. If you link your photo albums, they'll automatically sync with the frame, too. The frame lets you set up photo 'playlists' and doesn't skimp on the quality: It's 1920x1080p full HD with IPS anti-glare and TruArt technology.

So many reasons to love this fire pit: Its sleek appearance. Its small footprint. And the fact that it burns really, really clean, so you can sit around with your family, make s'mores all winter, and take magical photos to make your friends jealous.

One of the most fiery hot sauces you can buy, Truff uses red chili peppers infused with black truffle oil from Northern Italy and organic agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico. This particular set includes three standouts: Hotter Truff (less sweet), White Truff(white truffle), and Black Truff (black truffle).

Jessica Alba's Honest brand is known for quality and value. Take this set. Everything is made from organic cotton, and the fit is roomy, loose, and comfortable. The baby jammies have an ankle to chin zipper, for easy diaper changes. And the patterns are cute enough without going into Santa overload.

The vintage rock ’n roll aesthetic of this Bluetooth speaker sets it apart from the competition, but it’s not just a pretty face. Not even close. Its 20+ hours of battery life, immersive sound, and water-resistant design are sought-after portable speaker features. It proves that a best-in-class speaker doesn't have to cost you a car payment.

Brightland makes some of the tastiest olive oils and balsamic vinegars on the market today. This set includes four of its standouts, all from California. You get a raw champagne white vinegar and a raw double-fermented balsamic vinegar, as well as two glorious olive oils. Bon appetit.

For those who'd rather craft their own olive oils: Here's a pretty awesome infuser. The only limit is your imagination. You can infuse olive oils with any herbs or spices, and you can pair the device with the app to program your infusions wirelessly, access an herb and oil calculator, and find new recipes.

Gorgeous decor that also whets your creativity. You can arrange the modular panels into any configuration, and they react to sound, your voice, or when you touch them. Meaning, they light up and look beautiful.

The standard answer kids give you when asked anything is 'fine.' So get a real conversation started with these clever cards. Is it more fun to be a parent or a child? Is it harder for you to eat healthy or get exercise? The 135 cards will upgrade your dinner table talk with minimal effort.

Your movie night just got an upgrade. A major upgrade. You can download and stream YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other channels straight to the mini projector. You can use this thing to watch films, of course, but also to stream online classes. Ideal for low-light environments, this Nebula project a highly-detailed 720p, 200-ANSI-lumen image that 100 inches in size. The audio is powerful, and the image so crisp that you can watch stuff outdoors.

There's no such thing as going wrong when you give someone gourmet candy. And this velvet-lined trunk is crammed with nine different kinds of goodness. Among the sweet: Champagne bears, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and robin's egg caramels. Hungry yet?

You know what sucks? A dead phone. This easy-on-the-eyes charger powers up your phone while also keeping it upright, so you can still see any incoming texts. Oh and the sleek and slim design is only 0.5 inches thin, so you can still easily use the phone because it weighs next to nothing.

This eight-player croquet set is basically a work of art on its own. Made in Ohio by Amish craftsmen, this beautiful croquet set lets eight players work off some of that Christmas dinner. The nine 5/32 inch vinyl-coated metal wickets are solid, the balls won't break, and the 31 inch mallet is great for people of differing heights.

With a weight limit of 400 pounds, and a slew of eye-catching designs and patterns to choose from, this is pretty much the best hammock you can buy. And nothing says happy holidays like taking a nap. Outdoors. In the sun.

Pay tribute to your family's hometown with these gorgeous pillows, which feature famous skylines. Whether you choose Seattle, Dallas, New York, London, or another locale, these intricate and beautiful (and hardy) pillows are a personal twist on an otherwise generic gift. Especially since pretty much no one is traveling anywhere this year.

We're not fans of appliances as gifts, but an ice cream maker? That's something your whole family will love. Not only does this two-quart, heavy-duty ice cream maker look festive, but it churns out sorbets milkshakes, ice cream, and smoothies. Not to mention dairy-free, vegan, or keto options.

The Best Personalized Family Gifts

The grill fiend will appreciate this custom-made branding iron, which features three letters and can be used on steaks, sandwiches, or anything else that's hot. Each letter is 1.25 inches tall, and a three letter iron is 2.75 inches wide.

When is a light not a light? When it spells out your family's name. This industrial-looking light looks way more expensive than it is. It's great for a playroom, but just as cool for parties, or even as an accent light.

Handmade in Ohio, this cherry wood cutting board features your family's unique equation. In circles or hearts, up to four names add up to a a message or a family name. And then, throw some charcuterie on it and have a feast.

The Yankees or the Mets? Both, with this personalized map of ballparks. Families can add pictures as they visit each of the 30 professional ballparks on the map — a great memento for sports-fan families. Especially since watching live sports in person is but a distant memory right now.

Hokey? Sure. But will you treasure it? Of course. You choose a design, submit your family's names, and wind up with an 18-by-12-inch canvas wall hanging that's professionally stretched on a wooden frame.

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