Get Great Parenting Tips While You Parent in the Morning

"Alexa, open Fatherly."

by Fatherly
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In the chaos of the morning — in between spilled milk and changed diapers — who has time or emotional bandwidth for the news? How about a little advice from great parenting experts while you … “Hey, what’s that in your mouth?!” How about we make that hands-free parenting advice?

That’s exactly what Fatherly‘s daily tips, available on your Alexa or Google Home device, is here for. Ask to open the app (“Alexa, Open Fatherly” or “Google, talk to Fatherly“) and you’ll get advice from the experts about everything from how to address random toddler fears that pop up out of seemingly nowhere to rules for passing around a baby without getting it sick. The advice is a useful, helpful foundation to help you parent, even as that screaming child sits there flinging food in your direction every morning. Bless them, every one.

You can stream Fatherly’s voice experience, supported by launch partners Bose and Salvation Army, here:

And here’s how you can set up the show on each smart home device platform:

Alexa Skill

  1. Search “Fatherly” on your Alexa app
  2. Click “Enable”
  3. Say to your device, “Alexa, open Fatherly” or “Alexa, what’s the latest from Fatherly?

Google Actions

  • Simply say “Okay Google, talk to Fatherly

Google Play

  • Search “Fatherly” in your Google Play app, or click this link.


  • Search “Fatherly” in your Spotify app, or click this link.


  • Search “Fatherly” in your Apple Podcasts app or click this link.


  • Search “Fatherly” in your iHeartRadio app, or click this link.

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