GearEye Tracks Every Item In Your Diaper Bag So You Don’t Forget A Thing

Butt paste? Check.

by Dave Baldwin

Regardless of how fastidious or organized you are as a parent, the odds of remembering to pack every single piece of baby gear every time you leave the house are not high. You’re going to forget shit. Get use to it. Or, get a GearEye.

Billed as a “smart gear management system” or a “location-based logbook for your gear,” think of the GearEye more as a homeroom teacher for your manly diaper bag — it uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) to take a roll call of every bottle or package of wipes inside. All you do is throw the handheld dongle into the bag, slap one of three different-sized RFID stickers onto each pacifier or tube of butt paste, and hit “Scan” on the downloaded app before walking out the door. GearEye then does a quick head count and shows you if every item with a sticker is accounted for. If something’s missing from the inventory it will help track it down within a 9-foot range by pressing the “Locate” button. You can also use the app to create checklists of stuff you might need for different situations (ex. trip to the park, playdate … long haul flight to Asia), that way you can pull unnecessary gear out of said manly diaper bag before you haul it around the zoo all afternoon.

There are currently two styles of GearEye available: the aforementioned stand-alone dongle that’s designed to fit in the bag, and a folio phone case (that doubles as a charger) for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Both need to be charged daily, although the RFID stickers are battery-free and will last much longer than a travel-sized pack of Wet Ones. You can buy 20 extra tags (5 metal + 10 non-metal tags) for about $10.

GearEye’s already obliterated their Kickstarter goal — it’s technically designed for photographers and a lot of them seem to love the concept — but feel free to pre-order away. Just know that they don’t ship until July, so you’ve got a few more months of lamenting about how damn organized you use to be every time you forget Junior’s lunch.

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