Mattel’s ‘Gas Out’ Card Game Teaches Kids Counting Through Farting

If Guster the Gas Cloud rips one, you lose!

by Dave Baldwin
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Gas Out Game By Mattel

Nothing makes kids laugh more than a good fart, right? Who are you kidding? Nothing makes anyone laugh more than a good ripper (even Queen Elizabeth thought so). But, if ‘pull my finger‘ is feeling a bit stale, here’s a breath of fresh air. Mattel’s Gas Out is a family board game that uses an electronic fart machine, Guster the Gas Cloud, for more than just sharts and giggles.

First off, to win Gas Out you don’t actually need to fart. However, if you do let one squeak out, it won’t hurt you chances on family game night. In the Gas Out, every player is dealt three cards from the deck labeled with a number from one to five, ‘Skip,’ or ‘Reverse.’ Throw out a number card and press Guster the corresponding number of times (i.e. drop a deuce, press Guster twice). If he lets one rip, everyone laughs. Also, you’re out. If you’re spared his gassy wrath, draw a new card. Things keep going round and round.

Ironically, nobody ever actually ‘passes’ Guster the Gas. Like a real fart, he just hangs out ominously in the middle of the room. The last player to throw their cards while keeping Guster from cutting loose wins. Although, considering your family now owns an electronic whoopie cushion, doesn’t everybody win? Ages: 5+

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