Watch This Video Gamer Dad Masterfully Avoid Cursing In Front of Toddler

"What the f...firetruck!"

by James Wohr
what the firetruck gamer dad

Stopping yourself from cursing in front of your kid isn’t always easy. But one misplaced f-bomb, even accidentally, can lead to a parent-teacher conference about how your progeny got their entire class whipped up in a swear-induced frenzy. Some situations, such as driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic or playing online video games require much more restraint. This is a real victory: video game rage is real, guys.

In a video uploaded to Twitch, this video gamer dad masterfully avoids spewing out any curse words in front of his toddler while taking part in a game of what looks to be Player Unknown’s Battlegounds. And things were intense. When an unseen shooter starts lighting him up, the dad erupts in an angry “What the f—” before stopping himself short, finishing off the unsavory phrase with a kid-friendly “firetruck.” His daughter looks at him quizzically, but rationalizes the exclamation with an observation that it was because the onscreen character “wasn’t wearing shoes.” Because kid logic is as adorable as it is perplexing. The dad laughs off the exchange, the video ends, and a little girl’s innocence is preserved for another day. Well, except for the fact that she’s watching him murder other players. But hey, life’s weird like that.

Here’s the video: