9 Pairs of Funny Socks to Give Your Feet Some Personality

Silly socks are an easy way to radically improve your day.

by Jon Gugala
Originally Published: 

After months of working from home, things are coming to a head. You’re fighting to stay focused, bickering over computer time, hiding out in the bathroom for uninterrupted Zoom meetings — the list of indignities goes on. We feel you. It’s rough. Sometimes we need a small mood-lifter, a showcase of sillier, brighter things in life. Which is where funny men’s socks come into play. If the clothes make the man, then it’s time to remake yourself as an easier-going, more laid-back kind of dude. These silly socks won’t make working from home with your screaming toddler on your lap any easier, but they might make a non-crying kid smile, and they can can at least brighten your mood when you get dressed in the morning. That is, if you’re still getting dressed in the morning.

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