A Photorealistic LEGO Head With Your Kid’s Face Is As Creepy As It Sounds

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If your kid saw the LEGO Movie and wished they could be a brick citizen having super awesome adventures, then 1) you must be proud your kid has the same life goals as you and 2) now they can. Kind of.

All it takes is a couple photos and 30 bucks to get yourself a customized, 3D-printed sandstone head with a 5mm round opening at the bottom, which just so happens to be the exact diameter of a LEGO minifigure neck. Choose your hair color and style, upload 2 images, and 2-4 weeks later you can swap out Emmet’s generic-ass yellow face for an “eerily lifelike” real person’s face (emphasis on “eerily”).

Funky 3d Faces custom LEGO Heads

The purveyor of this genius idea you wish had been around for your groomsmen when you got married is a UK-based Etsy shop (of course) called Funky3DFaces. They borrowed the same sophisticated processes their parent company uses to print bones for the medical industry and models for architects and applied it to things everyone can benefit from, like creepy, photorealistic printouts of their faces as LEGO minifigures and magnets. Actually, that last one is kind of a perfect gift. Granny’s gonna have a lot more room on her fridge for pictures and magnets when her grandbaby’s picture is the magnet.

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