Fujiflim Instax SP-2

Print Real Photos From Your Phone In The Time It Takes To Post Them On Facebook

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If your daughter devours a handful of sand, but you only capture the moment on your smartphone, did it really happen? (Also, get that kid a sippy cup). There is a more tangible way to let Facebook-less grandparents and old-school friends to enjoy those antics, and that’s by printing your smartphone pictures on the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2. It’s not as counterintuitive as you might be thinking.

If all you’re doing is looking at pictures for half a second and swiping left/right, a real, paper photograph forces you to a) decide what’s important enough to print, and b) focus on it for more than a hummingbird-fart amount of time. This second iteration handheld printer shoots out credit-card-size, 320 DPI images from your smartphone or social media via the corresponding app and a decent Wi-Fi connection. And, like your kid eating ice cream, it does so with remarkable speed – 10 seconds a picture! Unlike your kid, however, it’s actually quiet.

Fujiflim Instax SP-2

You can jazz up your shots with fancy filters and color adjustments, as well as templates that let you do stuff like split pics in 2 or create collages way better than those your third grader keeps bringing home. The battery’s good for 100 shots before needing a recharge. Just fill it full of Fujifilm’s 2-inch-by-3-inch Instax Mini instant film (about $13 for 20 prints). It may seem pricy, but just think of all that money you’ll save at the photo-mats that no longer exist.

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