FollowGrams Is A Projector That Teaches Your Kid How To Draw Literally Anything

So much cheaper than art camp.

by Dave Baldwin
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followgrams drawing projector

There comes a point when the drawings your kid brings home from school either show promise or they don’t. And you have a decision to make: Let them go through life lacking in artistic talent (and maybe encouraging sports instead?) or try to teach them how at least sketch a half-decent Wylie Coyote that won’t elicit their classmates’ laughter. Your call. If you opt for the latter, though, things will be a lot easier (and cheaper) with a FollowGrams smart projector.

Kind of like a desktop version of those old overhead projectors from elementary school, the FollowGrams smart projector lets kids project images onto paper so they can make picture-perfect tracings. “But wait, tracing is hardly drawing,” you sarcastically quip. True. But … FollowGrams is more than just a tracing machine. The FollowGrams smart projector provides step-by-step instructions to over 50 drawings (all stored on a micro SD card) that help your budding Manet prepare for their first gallery show. Dogs, monsters, cars, they’re all there. Kids simply select what they want to draw by toggling through the control buttons. The buttons also allow them to move through and/or repeat steps.

Even cooler, once they’ve mastered and/or lost interest in those pictures, they can literally sketch any image or selfie they snap using a smartphone, tablet, or their Pixlplay camera. The accompanying free app also lets them add cool filters before it syncs with the projector via Bluetooth. If you’d rather your child (it’s recommended for ages 5+) focus on more educational – and less artsy – things (well, aren’t you a Tiger Dad?), FollowGrams also lets them practice writing both numbers and letters – ensuring that they don’t enter second grade with the penmanship of an aging pediatrician.

FollowGrams requires 4 “D” batteries, folds up so you can take it on vacation, and is just about funded on Kickstarter (as in days away). Pre-order now for delivery in July, and you can even revel in the thought of all that money saved not sending your kid to art camp.

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