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The Best Mother’s Day Flowers, Delivered

Let the experts do the work for you.

Whether you opt for tulips, roses, or succulents, Mother’s Day flowers are a staple of the holiday, for good reason. A flower delivery on Mother’s Day sets the mood, makes her feel special, and smells pretty damn nice. Plus, when it comes to flowers for mom, you get major points for being thoughtful, without doing any actual heavy lifting.

“No one is angry when they get flowers,” says Kate Young, a mom and Hollywood stylist who works with Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson.

When ordering flowers, keep the recipient’s personality in mind, and pay attention to the colors she loves (and loathes). And note if she’s averse to certain scents, because nothing ruins a bouquet quite like a sneezing fit or an allergy attack (been there, don’t recommend it). Once you’ve got that sorted, here are some standout Mother’s Day bouquets and arrangements that smell as good as they look. Just check the dates to make sure they can still be delivered on time.

You can't go wrong with roses. This bouquet is classy and classic. Hard to argue with anything else.

Vibrant pink ginger, the tall flower you see in the middle, is a symbol of strength, and is paired with red cordyline and masajeana leaves.

Colorful, graceful, and just plain cheerful, this bouquet is full of peonies and bright snapdragons. And roses, but of course.

Did you know that vibrant anthuriums like this one are the world’s longest-blooming houseplant? They bloom all year long, and every single bloom lasts up to two months. Plus, they symbolize abundance and happiness in the home.

Peonies are synonymous with devotion and romance. So it's fitting that this stunner of a flower arrangement includes roses, peonies, and snapdragons. All inside an understated two-tone vase.

This golden orchid blooms once a year, and requires very little maintenance. It loves bright sunlight. And to keep it alive, water about every week with 3-4 tablespoons of water. Fun fact: Orchids are associated with virility.

This refreshingly simple bouquet includes white roses and Alstroemeria. One symbolizes young love, the other devotion and friendship. Together, they're pretty much perfect.

This beautiful mix of white and lavender florals is vibrant and lovely. Baby's breath symbolizes everlasting love, while white roses and carnations convey innocence, while the lavender Peruvian lilies symbolize rebirth and motherhood.

This chic monochromatic arrangement is perfect for the modern mom with an eye for design. The collection of white roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, and Queen Anne's Lace signify love.

This unique, unexpected bouquet pairs the vibrant heliconia flower, which is a symbol of everlasting youth, with tropical Monstera leaves, which serve as a symbol of honor, respect and longevity.

For the mom with a green thumb, this lush plant symbolizes, you guessed it, paradise and freedom. When grown indoors it won't bloom, but it's easy to keep alive.

This low-maintenance, tropical plant symbolizes love, luxury, beauty, and strength.

This perfectly-sized 4” house plant doesn’t need a lot of training, just some bright, indirect sunlight, and water when its soil is dry.

And now for something different: A foolproof indoor herb and vegetable garden that basically grows on its own. She literally just drops in the plant pods, fills the water reservoir, and plug the self watering planter in; the lights turn on automatically as needed. And you can use the produce to make her dinner.

This story was produced in partnership between Fatherly and The Bouqs Co. If you click a link on our site and buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.