Flexo Construction Bricks Let Your Kids Build Lego Toys That Bend

How have these not already been invented?

by Dave Baldwin
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Flexo Construction Bricks

If there’s one drawback to traditional Legos, other than they hurt like a mother when you accidentally step on one, is that you can only really use them to build rigid structures. And if your kids want to build something that bends or flexes (so, not a LEGO version of you doing yoga), they have to MacGyver it with rubber bands. Thanks to Flexo Construction Bricks, that’s not the case anymore.

One of those innovations you’re surprised hasn’t existed for ages, Flexo Construction Bricks are a set of traditional LEGO-compatible bricks that are connected by flexible elastic tendons and boast “a full range of movement, from flat to 180 degrees.” They were designed by a dude in New Zealand as more of an add-on to your kid’s existing brick collection but each kit includes both tendons (in four sizes of varying flexibility) and bricks, so you don’t technically need anything else. Still, you’re probably going to want other blocks. Flexo Construction Bricks also come with a stainless steel tool for wedging the tendons in place and a small storage box.

So, what exactly can your kid build with Flexo Construction Bricks, other than, say, a catapult, swing bridge, bow and arrow? It really depends on their imagination and how big a kit you buy: They’re available in either orange or grey and range in sizes from Beginner (100x bricks, 300x tendons) to Ultimate (2000x bricks, 6000x tendons). Even better, they recently crushed their Kickstarter funding goal so it’s definitely not a stretch to think you’ll have them by January.

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