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Find The Perfect Baby Name You Can Register As A Domain Name

If you and your partner are butting heads over baby names, stop debating the relative merits of her beloved Grandma Ethel over your just-passed Great Uncle George, leave all those top 100 lists alone, and get practical: What name can you give the kid that is still available as a killer domain name? is a search engine that pairs your last name with popular first names, crosschecks the results with a domain registry and then serves up options that are available as a website. So, for example, Mr. and Mrs. Smith might choose to name their boy Braxton, Ezekiel, Bentley or Rhys Smith, while the Johnson’s little girl could be Emilia, Scarlet or Madilyn Johnson. They’re all fine names that sound even better with a “.com” at the end, so consider it an investment in your child’s future digital empire.

After all, you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about Junior growing up as a “.biz”.