Finally, A POV Camera You Can  Safely Strap To Your Kid’s Head

The Polaroid Cube is a low-cost, low-profile camera that mounts magnetically and can be used to see the world through your kid's eyes.

by Fatherly
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polaroid cube

First things first: Polaroid’s Cube action camera is no GoPro killer, so if you’re looking for the right device to capture all of your weekend radness, look elsewhere. The Polaroid Cube is, however, a pretty affordable, entry-level still and video shooter with specs to rival your phone and a form factor scaled for kids. It takes 6-megapixel photos, shoots 1080p HD video through a 124-degree wide angle lens, all packed into a body that measures just under 1.5-inches … ahem … cubed.

If the Polaroid Cube has a killer app, it’s that the bottom is magnetized, which makes mounting it to things like a scooter or a balance bike completely idiot-proof. Speaking of proof, it’s also shockproof and water resistant and, at $100, it’s $100 cheaper than the cheapest GoPro. So, it may not be appropriate for your downhill mountain bike ride, but it might be perfect to see what your kid’s walk to school looks like from their point of view.

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