Packs A Punch

FightCamp Is One Fun, Effective Home Workout System

This workout system will fast-track your fitness — and you’ll have a blast while getting there.

There is probably no better workout than boxing. With every punch, you work the entirety of your muscle chain from head to toe. Boxing training increases balance and coordination, improves bone density, and can burn 300-400 calories in a 30-minute training session. But then there’s the head injuries, the cuts, or, in the case of those contact-free kickboxing classes, the embarrassment of pulling a hamstring trying a head kick. That’s why we recommend bringing a perfect workout home and giving a bag some hell with FightCamp. If you have room for the system — it requires about 32 sq feet for storage and training — you can get all the benefits of boxing, competition included, as you compete against other FightCampers via a leaderboard. All that adds up to the holy trinity of workout features: fun, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Before you climb between the virtual ropes, you need the hardware. There are three packages. The most basic is Fightcamp Connect ($399), which includes the tech that counts your punches called “punch trackers” and the quick wraps that hold them that you wear underneath your gloves. The FightCamp Personal ($999) option includes the wrap and trackers as well as a free-standing heavy bag, ring to place it on, and boxing gloves. FightCamp Tribe ($1,299) includes all the gear from Personal as well as one more set of adult boxing gloves, a pair of kids boxing gloves, and a spare pair of wraps.

That’s just the hardware side of it. You also need to pay $39 per month to access the software. Unlike a lot of fitness apps, multiple people can use one account: you can create five memberships total.

With more than 1000 video workouts to choose from, and five separate training plans called paths — including kickboxing options — starting FightCamp and navigating it is intuitive and easy.

The Prospect Path starts with a prologue that delivers an overview of the program as a whole before jumping into a couple of tutorials and a bio of your coach. All of that is less than 20 minutes. Enough time to get a good vibe for what you’re getting into before launching into your first workout: four rounds of working on jab and cross punches.

Each round is just three minutes, and there’s a 60-second break between the round. The instructor — one of a handful of coaches that includes men and women — keeps you motivated provides reminders of form, and provides instruction.

And unlike other boxing-based fitness programs, FightCamp’s instructors actually teach you the proper fundamentals of boxing. You may not be getting into an actual ring any time soon, but by the end of a few workouts, you’ll know how to throw a proper punch, which matters at the very least so you can get the most out of your workout

While the focus is on punching (and kicking during kickboxing classes), each workout incorporates core strength and stability, leg strength with movements like squats and lunges, and other calisthenic movements that will work your entire body.

Want to get a taste for FightCamp before buying? Here are a few workouts to choose from:

10-Minute Tabata Workout by Coach PJ

15-Minute at-home boxing workout (no equipment needed)

15-Minute Boxing Workout to Fight Stress