Fire Away

The 12 Most Fearsome Nerf Blasters Of All Time

These are the Nerf weapons that go above and beyond.

by Jon Gugala
Auston Robertson-Jeyes plays with the new NERF Fortnite IRL during the Hamleys Christmas toy showcas...
Jonathan Brady - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

While classic Nerf Blasters remain highly collectible, parent company Hasbro has continued to innovate and push the classic brand further. Modern tech has resulted in some truly terrifying foam flingers that shoot longer, more accurately, and with firepower matched only by the Pentagon. If you’re looking to strike fear into the heart of your opponent, it’s time to level up with one (or several) of the best Nerf Blasters ever.

Hyper Mach-100 Fully Motorized Blaster

Built for speed, this foam-ball blaster whips its projectiles at 110 feet per second.