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Great Gifts for the Dad Who’d Rather Be in the Yard

Whether the dad in your life spends his backyard time, cooking, doing yard work, or building things, there's something for him on this list.

This story was produced in partnership with 3M.

The backyard is a place to send the kids off to play so that you can get some peace and quiet, of course, but it’s so much more than that. For certain parents, the backyard is an outdoor oasis, the ultimate kitchen, a game room like no others, and a museum of greenery put on display for all. We’re talking about the dads who obsess over the health of their grass, bring their home improvement projects outside for the extra elbow room, take on increasingly ambitious al fresco cooking projects, and debate the virtues of different kinds of mulch with their dad friends.

This gift guide is for that dad or, rather, for the people who want to get that dad a great gift. It includes all the best stuff for working and relaxing in the backyard, stuff that any “yard-core” dad would love to receive for Father’s Day.

That it’s cordless means dad can roam about the backyard pointing this powerful—580 cubic feet of air per minute air flow!—leaf blower at every wayward needle, frond, blade, stalk, leaf, or otherwise detached piece of plant matter that’s infringing upon his domain.


Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and the other machinery required to spruce up your backyard have one thing in common: they’re loud! It doesn’t stop there—some dads take their home improvement projects outside to allow more space for their power tools, which can be equally as ear-piercing. Hearing protection can help reduce the noise. The 3M™ WorkTunes™ Connect + Gel Cushions hearing protector has a 23-dB noise reduction rating and premium gel ear cushions that are super-soft and conformable for enhanced comfort. The built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology helps backyard dads live their best life, rocking out to music—or even making and taking phone calls—while working in the backyard.

Unless dad needs to cut down a Sequoia, this chainsaw can handle everything he can throw at it, from clearing fallen limbs to routine tree pruning to carving totem poles. It weighs a paltry 10.1 pounds, which means it’s comfortable to use for long periods of time, and the 40.2-cc engine means dad can save his elbow grease for other jobs.

The heavy-duty plastic bin and pneumatic tires on this four-wheeled beast of a barrow can handle up to 1,200 pounds of gravel, dirt, mulch, or whatever else dad needs to move from point A to point B. The quick-release dump feature and padded handle make it easy and comfortable to operate.

An unbitten dad is a happy dad, and this compact, rechargeable mosquito repeller is the way to keep him that way. Turn it on and it creates a 20-foot mosquito-free zone in just 15 minutes without any of the smelly, sticky, and potentially hazardous unpleasantness of bug spray.

Another potential pitfall of copious amounts of summertime backyard time is the sun: burner of skin and exhauster of hard-working dads everywhere. This “ultra-adventure hat” has a brim up front to keep the sun out of dad’s eyes, a generous flap on the back to block rays from reaching his neck, and vents up top to let heat escape. There’s even a pair of special sleeves that sunglasses slide into, keeping them secure for even the longest summer afternoons.

If things are getting a bit cramped in the garage, it might be time to add a shed to the backyard. This heavy-duty steel and plastic shed won’t peel, rot, or rust, and once it’s up dad will have extra waterproof storage, the perfect place to store garden tools, backyard supplies, and anything else that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. An underrated feature is that it ships unassembled, so dad gets a nice little project to work on too.

The most serious outdoor chefs swear by the Big Green Egg, an outdoor cooker that’s as versatile as it is expensive. To make sure your dad gets the most out of his big green toy, give him this cookbook, which contains killer recipes from an all-star cadre of 55 international chefs. The best part? You get to taste the dishes dad whips up, from eggplant steaks with fennel-rosemary dressing and buffalo mozzarella to Indian lamb spareribs with chapatis and apple yogurt.

This beautiful hanging bird feeder means that even when dad is doing solo backyard work, the birds will keep him company.

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