Don't Try This At Home

8 Hot Sauces That Are Too Hot To Handle

The hot sauce world is a rich panoply of options. But while many are great for the average guy, there are a substantial number that could eat the rust off a battleship. If your insides are not yet accustomed to fire in a bottle, these ones are best seen and not touched.

by Jon Gugala
Justin Paget/Stone/Getty Images
Artifact Burn Extracts
Extreme Burn 3 Million Scoville Pepper Extract

Housed in a skull-shaped bottle, it should be left as a display piece to scare off vandals. Three million Scoville Heat Units (SCUs) is a heat impossible to imagine — and just as impossible to forget.

Dawson's Hot Sauce
XXX Ghost Pepper Mash

Like a cartoon, Dawson’s has crammed 36 ghost peppers into each bottle for a toxic mix that is just waiting to burn through your stomach lining. Luckily, the burn comes on slowly, so you can savor the flavor before you have a meltdown.