The Snowball Throwers, Launchers, and Makers to Buy This Winter

Crossbows, snowball makers, and an armament case to gain the tactical advantage.

The Snowball Thrower, Launcher, and Maker

You’ve got the snow fortress built, your fight strategy outlined, and your snowball-making skills down. Now you’re just looking for that extra advantage to win the fight. How about a snow crossbow? Or an armament case for your pre-made snowballs? Sure, you don’t need these things for a snowball fight — but they certainly increase your chances of winning. These are the items we recommend for dads looking to upgrade their snow arsenal.

Wham-O Snow Trac-Ball

Pick up some snow with the attached scoop and pack it into a ball. Then drop it in the blue launcher and you’re ready to go. Identify your target and fling that snowball with an oddly satisfying, jai alai-style throw.

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Paricon Snow and Sand Block Maker

When you’re crafting a snow fortress, clean-lined lined walls will help intimidate the enemy and protect you from the barrage. This simple plastic box creates 10″ x 5″ x 7″ bricks once you pack it with snow.

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Wham-O Arctic Force Snow Bow

The Snow Bow’s elastic slingshot mechanism volleys high-arching snowballs toward your opposition. Its plastic armor plates might protect you from a direct shot, too.

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Wham-O Arctic Force Snowball Blaster

If you’ve got a sore arm (or are recovering from Tommy John surgery), arm yourself with this blaster, which works similarly to a slingshot. Wham-O claims that it can launch snowballs, which you can make with the mold mounted on top of the barrel, up to 60 feet. There’s even a vinyl target so you can practice your aim.

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Blizzard King 8-Pack Snowball Arsenal

This hard plastic snowball crafter has a briefcase-like handle, which makes sense, because you’re about to handle business. Since the Arsenal makes eight perfect orbs at a time, you’ll be sitting on towers of ammo while the opposition slowly flounders.

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Wham-O Arctic Force Monster Snowball Slingshot

This epic slingshot is essential for team snowball conflict. Three people — two holding the handles, one pulling back the basket — can work together to fling snowballs way further than you could on your own (assuming you’re not an NFL quarterback or fastball-heavy pitcher).

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Sled Legs

The most experienced snow warriors know that, sometimes, you have to admit defeat. If you need to flee the scene, these sled legs are a godsend. They strap to your shins, so you can run to the nearest hill, drop to your knees, and effortlessly glide away to safety. Grab a hot cocoa and then get back to the action.

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The Fatherly Guide to Snowball Fights