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The Best Kids Hiking Gear

If you’re considering going hiking and bringing your kid with you, who doesn’t have a fully formed skeleton or even a sense of balance, you’ll probably need a bit more equipment than usual. To make things easier, here’s a rundown of everything you should consider on the hike: a product cross-section of the best-reviewed and inexpensive kids hiking gear. Just remember, your kids aren’t going to the opera, they’re going to get sweaty and covered in mud, so you don’t need much.

Hiking Gear for Adults

Osprey Poco Premium Kid Carrier

Osprey Poco Premium Kid Carrier -- kids hiking gear
There are three popular carriers in the Poco line, but the Premium comes with a few choice extras, like a detachable day pack and a diaper changing pad. It’s rated for kids up to 48 pounds, so you can carry them long after you hoped they’d be walking the whole way on their own.

Buy Now $330

E-Case eSeries 9

E-Case eSeries 9 -- kids hiking gear

The E-Case eSeries 9 is large enough for most full sized smartphones and is waterproof down to one meter. The polyurethane window lets you use a touchscreen without removing the phone, so when your kid throws it in the river, you can dive in and snap some photos of his goofy grin while you’re still floating in the water.

Buy Now $25

EasyAcc Power Bank

EasyAcc Power Bank -- kids hiking gear

A fully charged phone is always a good idea on hikes, but you’re liable to eat the battery up capturing all the adorableness in photos. The EasyAcc is compatible with (and smaller than) most phones, so it packs easily and ensures you can snap or GPS to your heart’s content without going dark.

Buy Now $37

Hiking Gear For Kids

Keen Chandler II CNX

Keen Chandler II CNX -- hiking gear for kids

Every hike is bound to include splashing through water, so any decent shoe needs to provide good support while also drying quickly. The Chandlers are a tiny version of Keen’s super lightweight shoe/sandals, which no self-respecting man would be caught dead in because they look like they belong at the end of superhero tights. For whatever reason, that’s exactly the kind of shoes kids want to wear, and the Chandlers are functional and easy to get on/off.

Buy Now $55

Oakiwear Explorer Vest

Oakiwear Explorer Vest -- kids hiking gear

The Explorer Vest has eight pockets, which can be useful in lightening your own load by stuffing them with snacks or sunscreen. And there should still be pockets available for a few mementos from the hike – a frog, for example.

Buy Now $28

Patagonia Sun-Lite Hoodie Pullover

Patagonia Sun-Lite Hoodie Pullover -- kids hiking gear

You’re going to be engaged in a day-long battle with sunburn, so even the odds with a lightweight, long sleeve shirt that does some of the work. Regular cotton fabric actually lets sunlight through, but the Sun-Lite hoodie provides UPF 50+ protection, dries quickly, and is made from a treated fabric that repels stink. Come to think of it, you might want to get one for yourself.

Buy Now $39

Outdoor Research Voyager Hat

Outdoor Research Voyager Hat -- kids hiking gear

Another weapon in your hiking gear arsenal, the Voyager’s wide brim provides full protection of the face and neck. It also has magnets in the sides of the brim that secure them to the crown, which keeps it from flapping in the wind and makes your kid look like he’s roaming the Australian outback.

Buy Now $6-$41

CamelBak Skeeter Hydration Pack

CamelBak Skeeter Hydration Pack -- kids hiking gear

The Skeeter is suitable for kids as young as 4 – an age at which they probably can’t be trusted to drink from a bottle and walk over uneven ground at the same time. This frees them up to roam the trail and lightens your own load by 50 precious ounces.

Buy Now $46

Loving Naturals Clear Sunscreen

Loving Naturals Clear Sunscreen -- kids hiking gear

It’s not cheap, but Loving Naturals is among the highest scoring sunscreens in the Environmental Working Group’s guide. The zinc-based cocktail of naturally derived oils and wax doesn’t use the chemical filters found in many other brands, so the thing you’re using to not get cancer won’t also give you cancer.

Buy Now $20

Cutter Advanced Insect Repellent With Picaridin

Cutter Advanced Insect Repellent With Picaridin -- kids hiking gear

DEET has been approved by the CDC for use on kids as young as 2 months old, but if you’re squeamish about the chemical then picaridin is an alternative. It’s a synthetic version of the active ingredient in pepper plants and is considered safer than eucalyptus lemon oil – another favorite of the DEET-phobic – for kids under 3.

Buy Now $6