Elevate Your Car Camping Game With An Interconnected Modular Tent System


Communal camping villages: not just for tree people anymore! With the POD modular tent system, your campsite will look like a space station landed beside your bonfire. The genius lies in the connector tunnels, which will allow your kid to graduate from the backyard but still bring the whole neighborhood with them. All while you maintain private sleeping quarters in a tent you don’t have to crawl into. Your wife just might finally have to stop using the phrase “roughing it.”

The 3.8-meter diameter Mini sleeps 4, while the 5-meter Maxi sleeps 8. Both can stand alone or connect with separately purchased tunnels to create a compound of sleeping and socializing quarters. There’s even an optional sleeping cell that assembles inside the Maxi for added peace and tranquility as you camp out under nature’s peace and tranquility.

All POD tents are made of ripstop polyester, feature PVC windows, and easily assemble with equal-sized fiberglass support poles. Both models are 7+ feet tall, so you can walk right on in and actually stay upright. POD plans to roll out the Elite series next year, with functional improvements like enhanced UV protection and a lighter, more durable design. Although it’s kind of hard to improve on being able to send your kid to their room while you’re miles away from civilization.

POD Tent Maxi ($768)
POD Tent Mini ($615)
POD Tunnel ($138)

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