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13 Prime Day Deals That Are Too Good to Pass Up

These are the items going in our editors' carts.

It’s Amazon Prime Day, a day of big deals and, for shoppers, an even bigger case of the should-I-really-buy-this-stuff? This year there’s more to sift through than ever: Amazon claims to be dropping mark downs on 2 million items across all categories, from home tech and kitchen gear to kids toys and outdoor gear. It’s an absolutely absurd amount of discounts — and, let’s face it, if you’re shopping a lot of stuff will stay in your cart until Prime Day is over because, well, that’s how it goes. So, we wondered, what are our editors actually planning to buy this year? What deals have spoken to them? Here, then, are a few things that our editors have deemed too good (or weird) to pass up on this Prime Day.

Of all the various tools that working from home requires, a good pair of headphones tops the list. But I’m still using my aux corded apple earbuds. It’s finally time to retire them in favor of these cushy over-ear noise-cancelers from Bose. They boast a battery life of up to 20 hours, acoustic noise cancelling, and some nice tech that helps you sound like a human on calls. And today, they’re on sale for $100 off the retail price. That’s the incentive I need to say goodbye to my buds and finally buy some big boy headphones. — Matt Berical, Deputy Editor

I’ve been wanting to do backyard movie nights for a long time, but the market on Amazon is flooded with projectors. That’s made it hard to weed through them. Not today. I picked up the highly rated MVV 6500 Lux 1080P. It comes with a 100-inch screen and isis $50 off it’s normal price. That deal made the choice much easier. — Patrick Coleman, Parenting Editor

This 50-liter duffel, which is 25-percent off today, has everything I want in a take-anywhere travel bag: a lot of pockets, weather resistance, removable backpack straps, and several nice organizational features. But most of all I love its ’90s Nickelodeon coloring, which will make it standout wherever I take it — and easy to spot on an airport carousel. — Matt Berical, Deputy Editor

Last Prime Day, we ordered a Yale Assure smart lock because we wanted to try out a smart lock system and it was heavily discounted. This year, I'm getting another one at, again, a steep 35% discount. The thing I like most about this smart lock system is it all around simplicity. It's easy to install, it's easy to reset the code, easy to enter, and easy to override if the batteries die — Tyghe Trimble, Editor-in-Chief

Persols have rested on the bridge of pretty much every male style icon’s nose. My face is too broad for this particular pair (can anyone make cool sunglasses for us big heads?), but I’ve decided to buy them as a birthday present because 47-percent off sale price is too good to pass up — Matt Berical, Deputy Editor

My back is sore, but not sore enough to spend $400 on the muscle-loosening gadget that started it all. This facsimile, however, is on sale for $84 and, based on the reviews, able to provide the high-intensity vibration I need to knock out my knots. — Matt Berical, Deputy Editor

I already have two silpats and I’m going to buy one more today since they’re 10 percent off. The non-stick mats are great to have on hand. Place one on baking sheet and everything from cookies to charred sweet potatoes lift up without any effort. No more time spent scraping off caked-on remnants from a baking sheet — Matt Berical, Deputy Editor

One of my cats has a unique relationship with his dry food. First, he paws it out of the bowl. Then, he spits it on the floor. Then, and only then, does he deign to consume it. And he does this all day, all night, without pause. Which is why I finally invested in an automated cat feeder: It has one job, and that is to automatically release food on a set schedule, so this feline stops turning my kitchen into a crime scene. — Donna Freydkin, Gear Editor

Because I was raised on ninja movies, both turtles and otherwise, I’ve been hankering to own my own katana. Is it dangerous? Yes, of course. Is it made by Hattori Hanzō to avenge my enemies? Nope. Is it 30 percent off? Hell yes. Sold. — Patrick Coleman, Parenting Editor

I’ve long held back from falling prey to the teched-up pressure cooker. Why would I need an Instapot? I already have an oven, not to mention a crockpot, a rice cooker, and not enough cabinet space. Well, ever since I watched a YouTube video of Sam the Cooking Guy using an Instapot to make fork tender pulled beef for tacos in about an hour — a process that, sans Instapot, normally takes a day — I’ve wanted one. Now it’s $60 off. – Matt Berical, Deputy Editor


I’m gonna buy this for several reasons. First, re-reading Neil Gamain’s classic graphic novel will help me reconnect with a former version of myself who wore leather jacks and was angsty as hell. But, this collection also contains everything from the Sandman world, and that feels like something everyone should have in their library. Plus, when my kid is a tween, they’re gonna want to read the definitive Sandman, right? — Ryan Britt, Play Editor

You don’t need to give my kids a cell phone if you send them out of the house with this three-pack of rechargeable long-range walkies. They come with NOAA Weather Channel so you can keep ahead of the summer storms, too. They’re also $31 off today, which is why they ended up in my cart— Patrick Coleman, Parenting Editor

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