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Easter Outfits for Kids: 8 Easter Dresses For Girls, Babies, and Toddlers

Help your girl celebrate Easter in style.

Sure, Easter is a day of surprise eggsEaster baskets, jelly beans, and bunnies. But it’s also, obviously, a day for religious celebration. This means dressing up and celebrating with family and friends. And if you want your kid to look snazzy on Easter, during a dinner, brunch, or Easter Mass, a nice Easter dress is necessary. These eight Easter dresses for girls are stylish, seasonal, and will look good in those 5,000,000 photos your extended family will take.

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Tulle Jersey Dress

Tulle Jersey Dress -- Easter dresses

Carter’s pink, tulle dress features back snaps, a cinched waist, and a diaper cover, and its long sleeves help deal with cooler temperatures for outside get-togethers.

Buy Now $13

Cross-Back Plaid Dress

Cross-Back Plaid Dress -- Easter dresses

This plaid, cross-back Easter dress works great in warm weather, and its flutter sleeves give it a looser, free feel. The dress also comes with a separate diaper cover.

Buy Now $14

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Rare Editions Nautical Dress with Hat

Rare Editions Nautical Dress with Hat -- Easter dresses

Rare Editions’ adorable nautical dress is a great, full set for an Easter outfit that includes a matching hat. It zips up from the back and is machine washable.

Buy Now $30

Sparkle Floral Jacquard Dress

Sparkle Floral Jacquard Dress -- Easter dresses

This sleeveless Easter dress prioritizes elegance with sparkles, a bow, a faux pearl button, and a subtle floral pattern.

Buy Now $21

Marmellata Lace Dress

Marmellata Lace Dress -- Easter dresses

A pastel, lace outfit perfect for spring weather, this sleeveless Marmellata dress has a pretty floral pattern and is made to hit at the knee.

Buy Now $34

Polka Dot Bow Waist Dress

Polka Dot Bow Waist Dress -- Easter dresses

Sized for 4- to 8-year-olds, this sateen dress with polka dots and a cute front bow provides a more casual Easter look.

Buy Now $22

Ruffle-Neck Dress

Ruffle-Neck Dress -- Easter dresses

Oshkosh’s new ruffle-neck Easter dress goes all out with a full floral pattern that celebrates spring, and its elastic waist makes it easy for kids to move in.

Buy Now $13

Cat & Jack Short Sleeve Stripe Dress

Cat & Jack Short Sleeve Stripe Dress -- Easter dresses

This geometrically patterned Easter dress for 4- to 8-year-olds has a classy style and breathable material, and features a small, convenient pocket.

Buy Now $10

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