These Dr. Seuss Kids Sneakers Will Bring Some Weird to Your Mornings

And you won't have to ask your kid to put their shoes on 18 times.

by Emily Kelleher
Originally Published: 

Dr. Seuss books have a cool factor that makes them weird and interesting and funny even after you’ve (supposedly) outgrown them. It makes sense, then, that they inspire rap mash-ups, are studied by of anthropologists, and are the books that are the most fun to read to your kids. Now, their characters and designs are also on a new collection of Skechers for kids.

There are Velcro-strapped sneakers for little kids and, for older kids and women, canvas slip-ons and skate-inspired sneakers, all featuring Thing 1 and Thing 2, the Cat in the Hat, and other themes from the books. And the cool thing about them is that, unlike most kids sneakers plastered with multi-colored characters, the collection manages not to be obnoxious. Many designs are subdued, even subtle, featuring colorful Dr. Seuss-inspired designs that are just the right amount of weird. Here are our favorites.

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