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The Dometic CFX3 Refrigerator Is Perfect For Road Trips

This app-controlled compact fridge can hold 46 beers and make ice for your mixed drinks.

by Sam Anderson
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CFX3 45L Powered Cooler - A High-Tech Compact Fridge Perfect For Road Trips
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No matter how cold you like your drinks while car camping or out on the lake, the Dometic CFX3 has you covered. It freezes down to -7°F with the brand’s most advanced cooling technology.

If you do want ice for cocktail hour or anything else, you don’t even have to stop at the store. The CFX3 is the world’s first electric cooler with its own ice maker inside. Dometic says ice cubes only take a few hours from scratch, so you’re good even if you don’t remember it until the last minute.

At its most basic, the Dometic cooler is basically a refrigerator, only it’s a lot smarter. The 12V power cord comes with an auto shut-off function to make sure it doesn’t drain your vehicle battery when you’re out on the range. And the soft-touch display helps users keep track of what’s going on with intuitive controls.

There’s even a mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play Store, that lets you take control of the CFX3 no matter how far afield you go. Even miles into the backcountry, users can manage how cold each zone of the cooler gets, monitor and control its energy consumption, and more.

An included wire basket and partition, both removable, help the fridge stay organized and divvy up different cooling zones.

If you’re the accessorizing type, you can kit out your Dometic CFX3 in a few other ways too. There’s a portable lithium battery if you want to bring it along to the campsite, beach, or wherever else. For the best tailgate access, there’s even an attachable slide that helps you save lower back strain when taking it down. And two of the most popular sizes get a hard-shell 1200D nylon cover to protect the CFX3 when the going gets rowdy.

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