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A Backyard Pizza Party Is the Best Way to Celebrate Dad

And because dad deserves better than delivery, here's the stuff you need to make it happen.

This story was produced in partnership with Kohl’s.

A lot of people turned to dough at the beginning of the pandemic last spring. But while sourdough was the trademark of our collective indoor days, homemade pizza — cooked to perfection in the backyard — should be the carbohydrate of choice this year. Why? It’s an endlessly customizable food that’s beloved by kids and adults that’s also inherently communal, making it the perfect thing to eat on Father’s Day, particularly when you might actually be able to have people over to celebrate this year.

Making great homemade pizza al fresco means investing in some great culinary equipment, of course. But great pizza does not a great pizza party make, so our guide also includes the electronics, outdoor gear, and even apparel that can elevate a simple get together into a celebration worthy of dad during what’s shaping up, after a year cooped up inside, to be a particularly epic summer.

And even if you can’t have a Father’s Day pizza party this year, all of these items from Kohl’s would make great gifts for dads who like pizza, the outdoors, grilling, and/or beer. So, basically, every dad you know.

No, you don’t need a dedicated pizza oven to cook up great pizza in your backyard. But if you want your backyard pies to resemble as close to the real thing as possible, then it’s a worthy investment. All great pizza requires a piping hot oven and this model from Camp Chef does a good impression of the wood-fired brick ovens manned by Italian pizza masters. The double-walled stainless steel oven heats up to 700 degrees (hot enough for properly blistered crust) and features easy-to-use controls that let you alter the heat as necessary. The ceramic pizza stone fits pies as large as 13 x 20 inches — ideal for feeding one to two people.

An excellent way to make bubbly, crispy pizza on a gas or charcoal grill is to use a cast-iron skillet. Oil the skillet, get it rip-roaring hot, add your dough, flip, add your sauce and toppings and melt. This 13-inch skillet is the ideal pizza companion, as that’s the ideal size for personal pies, while dual handles make it easy to move around and off of the grill surface.

An indoor grill might seem counterintuitive for an outdoor pizza party, but the Ninja Foodi makes prepping for your backyard pizza party a breeze. It’s a great way to prepare toppings, from grilled vegetables for a supreme pie to baked chicken for a buffalo chicken pie. It’s also great for making various side dishes you’ll want to have at your pizza party, particularly wings.

With this tool, you can grate all of the cheese you’ll need for your pizzas and cut them using (an incredibly satisfying) rocking motion. The curved stainless steel cutting blade is nearly 14 inches long and sharp enough to handle everything from a thin, New York-style crust to the thickest Sicilian style you can whip up.

Sure, you could saw your pizza with a knife — but what’s the fun in that? A traditional pizza wheel also ensures even slices in a single pass. In short, it’s good to have on hand. This oversized option from OXO features a sharp aluminum blade, a nicely padded grip, and, most importantly, a thumb guard to make sure you don’t add any unintended toppings to your pie.

This leather apron is perfect for a backyard pizza party, as it’s thick enough to protect your clothes (and your skin) from the hazards of al fresco pizza making. The two large pockets are big enough to hold a timer, pizza cutter, or whatever else you need to have on hand.

Whether used for sliding your pizza in and out of an oven or as a simple serving platter, a pizza peel is a must-have accessory. This solid wood and stainless steel option has a its smooth surface that makes transferring the pizza as easy as...well, you know.

Beer is the unofficial beverage of both backyard hangs and pizza, so a great set of beer mugs is a natural pick. These classic 16-ounce mugs have a handle that keeps your hands from warming up your brew and a weighted base that’s satisfying to hold while you wait for the pizza to finish cooking (or cool down enough to eat).

If you want to take your beverage offerings to the next level, this frozen drink maker is an easy way to whip up summer-appropriate frozen drinks. You can use automatic settings to shave and blend ice and manual controls to fine-tune the consistency. It holds enough ice for three pitchers’ worth of drinks; think virgin slushies for the kids and frozen daiquiris and margaritas for the adults. There’s even an included recipe cup that makes perfectly balanced drinks as simple as pouring your ingredients to the appropriate line.

No party is complete without music, but most Bluetooth speakers are boring black slabs. Not this portable model from iHome, which is wrapped in color-changing lights that you can set to pulse to the music. Aesthetics aside, it also sounds great, will last nearly all day before it needs a charge, and has a range of 33 feet, so you can move it around the backyard at your leisure.

The sweat-wicking properties of this outfit make it a great choice for standing near a hot oven (or grill) under the summer sun. It offers the performance of athleticwear with a look that’s a lot closer to dad casual, so it’s perfect for a Father’s Day pizza party.

Summertime shades are a no-brainer no matter what the occasion, and this oversized pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters include UV protection and impact- and scratch-resistant lenses in a classic package.

This moisturizer has 30 SPF broad spectrum protection that’s water and sweat resistant. The hyaluronic acid, an ingredient with anti-aging properties, is a bonus. It’ll keep his skin protected whenever he heads outside, including during the Father’s Day festivities.

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