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Dino Case Is A T-Rex Lunch Box That Will Devour Your Kid’s Snacks

You can get your kid excited about lunch a couple ways. You can either send them to school with a bag full of candy bars and Diet Coke, or put it in a cool lunch box. Unless, of course, you’d rather put it into the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Straight out of Jurassic Park (and/or the United Kingdom), Suck UK’s Dino Case could be the coolest lunch box since Luke and Vader graced the front of your tin classic in the 3rd grade (which is now worth more than you want to know).

Suck UK Dino Case Lunch Box

The lunch box’s toothy head is made of food/drink-safe plastic, measures 5.3-inches by 6.2-inches by 9-inches, and features a moveable jaw to keep those carrot sticks and Fruit Roll-Ups safe. The food (or LEGOs if you want to use it to tote toys instead) is also well-protected thanks to two gleaming rows of (hopefully not) razor-sharp teeth and a muzzle carrying strap. Dino Case weighs about a pound ⏤ in case your kid isn’t working out yet ⏤ and is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Buy Now $35