All the Best Digital Picture Frames to Gift in 2021

So your folks remember what you all look like outside of your Zoom screen.

A digital picture frame displaying an image of grandparents and grandkids, set against an aqua backg...

Our strange new-ish reality of socially distanced lives, remote work and school, and virtual reunions has become rather normal. And though Zoom is far inferior to time spent together in person, finding ways to spend time with family is more important than ever — for our relationships as well as our mental health — and digital picture frames can be a great way to stay (virtually) present in one another’s lives. Digital photo frames, if nothing else, can remind your family what you and your kids look like outside your Zoom screen. And the best digital picture frames out now have the clarity and resolution that their more unwieldy predecessors lacked.

Technology has advanced impressively since digital photo frames’ advent in the early aughts: The frames are much better-looking, and it’s much easier to upload hundreds of hi-res photos to a single frame. And perhaps most importantly, companies have become more transparent and secure with their tech to ensure that your private moments are kept safe. Here are the prettiest, and most user-friendly, frames we found.

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