Deal: This Excellent Kid-Friendly Tablet Only $47 Today

The LeapPad is loaded with great learning apps and has excellent parental controls. Plus, it's tough enough to handle that toddler lifestyle.

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Tablets make crummy babysitters, but the right ones make excellent substitute teachers. Good thing then that there are a number of kid-friendly, education-forward tablets featuring right-out-of-the-box parental controls and pre-loaded apps that do just that. These worry-free solutions let for your kids to browse safe sites and play games that also help pre-schoolers learn. One of our favorites is LeapFrog’s LeapPad Ultimate kids tablet, which Target has on sale for nearly half off today.

LeapFrog is a tech veteran when it comes to kids’ reading systems and educational toys, so it’s no surprise that the LeapPad Ultimate features trivia and games designed by teachers that focuses on curricula like math, reading, writing, science, and creative skills (In fact, it’s packed with $110 worth of learning games, apps and videos). The tablet, which has a built-in bumper and shatter-safe screen that is more than up for the task of surviving the rough-and-tumble toddler lifestyle, also provides them with access to a library of pre-selected, parent-friendly content. It also features a web browser that only allows kids to surf to pre-approved locations so you don’t have to worry about them finding something inappropriate when they google their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character. And, because what kind of kid-friendly tablet would be set without quality parental controls, the LeapPad allows you to not only oversee and set screen time limits but also add separate accounts for kids and monitor the limitations on each independently.

Normally $95, the LeapPad is on sale today for $48.

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