Deal Alert: Crayola Is Having A Massive Easter Sale on Amazon Right Now

Time to get your cray (and marker and art set) on.

by Dave Baldwin
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You can never have enough crayons, markers, and paints on hand ⏤ especially with Easter approaching. Not only are their eggs to decorate and holiday pictures to color, but leave the caps off even for just a night and those markers are done. So when Crayola has a big one-day sale ⏤ slashing prices on everything from finger paints and sidewalk chalk to spiral art kits and their popular Light-up Tracing Pad ⏤ parents are wise to act fast. Today is one of those days.

Not only are they taking big savings off basics like a 40-count box of broad washable markers ($9), 480 sheets of construction paper ($8,) and signature colored pencils ($13, down from $34), but also on Disney/Paw Patrol Mess Free Coloring Kits ($10), Pip-Squeaks Travel sets ($20), and even pastels for older artists ($8). Also, there’s a giant gift Easter Egg with Silly Putty eggs inside for $15.

The biggest deals, however, are on the full-fledged coloring toys ⏤ like art desks and stamp sets ⏤ which make great gifts. Here are three worth highlighting:

Light-up Tracing Pad

On sale for only $14, this super thin, battery-powered light-up pad comes with 13 pencils and 100 traceable images.

Buy Now $14

Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

The beauty of the Color Wonder series is that the paints don’t leave a mark on anything but the special paper. And in this case, the magic brush lights up with whatever color paint it’s dipped in.

Buy Now $9

Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art Kit

This spiral orbiter takes sidewalk chalk design to the next level by holding stackable stencils that kids can trace with ordinary chalk.

Buy Now $10

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