This New Insulated Pod Tent Lets You Add Rooms If You Need More Space

With the Crua Clan, everybody gets their own room.

by Dave Baldwin
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Crua Clan modular tent

The hottest trend in camping these days is pod tents. They’re interconnected modular tents that can either stand alone or be linked together in a giant village of group camping fun. The trend makes sense: with them, no longer do you need a bivouac for solo hiking, a family tent for car camping, and a massive awning for music festivals ⏤ a pod does nearly all of it. Which is why there’s been a boom in them over the last two years ⏤ from Qubes, to Pods, to RhinoWolfs, and now to the latest: the Crua Clan Tent System.

Think of the Crua Clan tent as a central living room with three adjoining bedrooms. In the middle is the Crua Core, a 16-feet by 12-feet (192-sqft), 33-pound, air-framed tent with a built-in stove jack and a garage door for backing up your SUV. It costs $549. Three sides of the Crua Core have a door to connect detachable two-person lightweight hiking tents, the Crua Duo. The water-repellent Crua Duo features bug-proof mesh, aluminum poles, and a storage foyer for your gear. It weighs 5 pounds and runs $179. Technically, that’s all you need to get the family squared away in the great outdoors. The kids all have their own “rooms” in the Crua Clan, there’s a common area for playing charades, and you can easily access your vehicle for cooking or electricity.

But that’s actually not everything. There’s also a third, pretty slick, component to the Crua Clan called the Crua Cocoon. It’s a separate insulated, air-framed tent that fits inside the Crua Duo to muffle noise, block light, and keep the space warm or cool, depending on the season. Honestly, it looks like the zip-out lining of a puffy coat. It’s totally optional, runs $249, and seems perfect if you’ve got a baby napping in a Pack ‘n Play.

All three Crua Clan components are sold individually or in various combinations, although the full three-bedroom house runs $1,349. So, almost as much as the new Air Beam Bud Inflatable Yurt. The Crua Clan is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter but has long eclipsed its goal, so you’re in the clear. They’re shooting for a February 2018 delivery date, and it you pre-order today, you can still score some significant early bird savings.

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