Sandy Citadels

This Kit Makes Building Pro-Level Sand Castles A Breeze

Looking for a sand castle that’s perfect every time? Look no further.

by Jon Gugala

Sand castle building is a summer staple. But, what parent hasn’t stifled a groan when assembling beachside spires and walls? The process of flipping out packed sand from plastic buckets just takes so damn long. Plus, there’s the disappointment when you pull the bucket off and half the structure collapses. Sure, it’s about the activity. But it’d be nice to speed things along a bit so that a structure can be completed before high tide. Thanks to these modular molds, there’s no more cumbersome stacking or flipping of buckets, making the assembly of a towering structure easier and faster than ever before.

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A big problem with building sand castles with bucket molds is that you have to pound them to get the sand out. Create a Castle solves this problem with a series of modular molds that open like books. The result? A stable, perfectly shaped mold every time. If you want more detail, you can refine the results with a few included tools. Your child’s interest — and the beach’s envy — is guaranteed.

The molds are pre-printed with brick designs and the sand is top-loaded to prevent air pockets for stability. Just buckle the mold, pack it with sand, then flip it over and unbuckle to reveal a perfect tower section or wall. Repeat to build an impenetrable fortress.

The company has expanded the concept to a variety of kit sizes and applications — some for indoor tabletops, others for outdoor snow and sand use. Our favorite has to be the company’s Pro Tower Kit. With two turret sizes (one smaller, one larger), a corbel mold to connect them, and a variety of specialized tools to further carve, form, and customize your structure, it’s an excellent set for beach-time construction as well as general creative play. And it’s not just for beach use — it also doubles as a snow castle kit come wintertime. Can’t get outside? No worries. You can buy buckets of CastleMagic Sand (think gritty Play-Doh) for indoor castle building.

Granted, any sand castle takes time to build. But the Create a Castle Pro Tower Kit gets you there faster, with a fun design that’s bound to draw in your kids. If you’re willing to share, that is.