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Your Couch Doesn’t Have Cup Holders? It Does Now.

Why it took over 300 years to solve a problem that’s plagued pretty much every single person who’s ever sat down on a couch holding a drink is anybody’s guess, but somehow — like all of your spare change — it slipped through the cracks. Until now, thanks to a British dude who should probably be knighted. Meet the Couch Coaster.

The Couch Coaster is literally a cup holder that wraps over the arm of your sofa. It’s made of flexible non-slip silicone, bends to fit almost any size/shape couch arm, and stays in place thanks to weighted sides. Plus, it comes in 5 colors (from Roso Red to Cool Cream) so there’s a good chance it’ll even match that pleather sectional in your man cave.

Couch Coaster

Billed as one-size fits all, the Couch Coaster can hold a wide array of containers including, but not limited to, “mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans.” There’s also a slot for the handle of your coffee mug and an adapter that pops right in for smaller drinks. Or, you know, if you need a place to put your change.

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