The New ‘Feed Me Cookie Monster’ Toy Talks, Sings, and Eats

Playskool Friends' new 'Feed Me Cookie Monster' talks and sings when you give him a cookie.

by Dave Baldwin
Originally Published: 

First, it was Tickle Me Elmo. Then it was Teddy Ruxpin. Now, the latest classic character to get a teched-up update is everybody’s favorite blue (and probably diabetic) eating machine: Cookie Monster.

Hasbro unveiled a cuddly new 13-inch version of the Sesame Street favorite this week at Toy Fair. Named Feed Me Cookie Monster, the big sell is that he talks, sings, and makes a variety of grunts and noises. Squeeze his belly and his tummy rumbles. Squeeze it again, and he’ll run through any number of classic lines including “Me Love Cookie!”, “Oh Ya, Thank You!”, and “One More Cookie Please!” ‘Feed’ him the cookie he’s holding (by putting it in his mouth and pushing down), and he’ll burst into his classic tune, “C is for Cookie.” Your kid will love it; you will likely hide its batteries. But ain’t he adorable?

FeedMe Cookie Monster hits stores in the Fall and will retail for $30.

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