These Custom Coloring Books Let The Kid Paint Your Face Without Actually Painting Your Face

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Color Me Book Customized Coloring Book Upload Your Own Photos

The panicked manufacturers behind Big Colored Pencil might be urging stressed-out parents everywhere to cut back on their adult coloring book purchases, but they never said anything about adults turning themselves into coloring books. As such, one website is offering people the opportunity to turn their family photos into a custom Color Me Book. What a time to be alive. What a time.

Color Me Book may sound like a 90s kindie rock band (and that logo isn’t helping any), but this is a thoroughly modern coloring experience. Simply upload ten of your favorite photos (or Instagram screenshots because obviously) and in about two weeks you’ll have anywhere from 5 to 25 pages of selfies and kid pics and food porn to color. Fill in those flannel prints with all the colors of the rainbow. Make your beard blue. Bet you’ve never seen a blue beard before — why not? Go nuts!

What’s that? You thought you were buying a coloring book for a small child to engage in the classic children’s activity of coloring? Sure, you could buy any number of beautifully designed, creativity-inspiring, modern coloring books for your kids. Or you can have Color Me Book personalize page after page of Junior’s favorite 4-legged friend. Sure as hell beats them actually painting the dog.

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