Is a Whip-Smart Talking Dinosaur That Answers All Your Kid’s Questions

It also tells jokes and evolves with your kids as they age.

by Dave Baldwin
CogniToys Dino

There are only so many kid questions a parent can answer before they start to lose their minds. Luckily, CogniToys Dino is a whip-smart talking dinosaur toy to take the pressure off. The tiny green guy can field thousands of queries in real time and never responds with”Ummm, because” while typing on its smartphone.

The Dino’s brain is powered by IBM’s Watson so it gets smarter the more it interacts with your inquisitive youth (and, presumably, can defeat Garry Kasparov in chess). It remembers names, favorite foods, pets, what have you, and is able to recall them in later conversations to really sell the kid on the fact that they’re totally buddies. Not only that, but Dino doesn’t robotically pull answers from Google. If a kid asks a question that stumps the little guy, somebody at CogniToys will eventually write an answer that’ll be uploaded in a future update.

Billed more as a friend than a personal assistant (so no, it won’t hold their calls), the seven-inch-tall CogniToys Dino is targeted to kids age 5 to 9 and does way more than just tell them where babies come from so that you don’t have to. It plays games, solves math problems, tells stories, and will even, if it detects a child is sad, bust out a joke. Whether that joke starts with: “A T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Allosaurus walk into a bar…” is unclear.

For safety, the CogniToys Dino’s microphone is always muted unless Dino’s belly button is held down, and there’s an online dashboard where parents can both set controls and see what the hell their kid’s asking about these days. The loveable dinosaurs come in three colors (pink, blue, and green) and requires four AA batteries, which should reportedly last up to six weeks depending on how many questions the kid has about the birds and the bees.

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